At Crossroads Mediation and Dispute Resolution Center Inc. we  provide even-handed, professional mediation services to clients across New York.

With offices available in Westchester County, Bronx County and Nassau County we are conveniently located with hours to accommodate your schedule.

Mike Lease, JD, the director of the Center, is a former matrimonial attorney with over 30 years of experience in the field of family law, divorce and custody. In addition Mr. Lease was involved in numerous commercial transactions that give him the experience to focus on the issues involved in business and partnership mediation.

The frustrations of the system and the lack of participation by the litigants in the Courtroom makes mediation an alternative that is both cost effective and in the end allows you to help craft and write your own story.  The Center is devoted to resolving issues that can cost thousands to litigate but can be resolved with some work, patience and a willingness to be amicable, reasonable and creative.


Photo credit: Tranquility by sirwiseowl, on Flickr