Commercial Mediation

Commercial Mediation

Business and Commercial Dispute Resolution

The concept of mediation and open discussion can extend into the business field as well. Having represented many small business owners and partnerships in the past, MICHAEL M. LEASE, JC is extremely aware that disagreements between partners can be as threatening to an individual as a divorce. Many times money is the center of the problem, and as in a marriage, control can be the source of the tensions. Through mediation, the business can avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on Court fights and partnership dissolutions.

By mediating in a setting that demonstrates fairness and allows for a beneficial hearing of the issues, the parties have the opportunity to preserve their business, to air out and vent their differences in a safe setting and to attempt to resolve their disagreements continuing the entity thereafter. Court will ultimately serve to sever the relationship of the partners and will eventually lead to the business either being terminated or financially compromised.

Business mediation is also a way to set up a partnership or business arrangement. By working with a neutral, all issues can be discussed, put on the table and decided, before they become part of the fabric of the business. A legally binding agreement can be drafted and reviewed by counsel, leading to a partnership or business agreement, defining the rights of the respective parties. The business will have started out in a manner that shows thought, logic and cooperation and that certainly will bode well for the future of any business entity.


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