Divorce Coaching

In the event that mediation does not work for your situation, the process of divorce can be extremely stressful, frustrating and perplexing. As a former litigator and divorce attorney Michael M. Lease, is able to direct you through the various issues that arise, from financial issues to parenting issues to transitional issues. Our goal is to help you face the issues and conflicts that will arise during the pendency of your divorce matter. Your strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of your spouse are discussed. Your priorities are identified and the issues that stand in the way of resolution are individually set forth. Issues that will involve your children, including the possibilities of an attorney being appointed for them are reviewed and attempts are made to minimize the emotional effects on you and the children. By preparing for the eventuality of litigation you can feel confident and prepared. You want to be at your highest level of self awareness and self assuredness so that you can handle whatever is put on your plate during the litigation.

We discuss ways you can confront your spouse in a Courtroom or adversarial setting; ways to minimize the effect on your children; ways to simplify the issues involved and the manner in which you will continue post divorce.

There are so many myths and so much unsolicited advice that you will receive from friends, acquaintances, business associates and family. Yet, each divorce is unique. Having worked and handled hundreds of divorce situations during his career Michael Lease is able to sift through the unimportant issues that sometimes consume a litigant.

Do not be caught uninformed or unable to cope with the vagaries of divorce.

While mediation is preferable, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. There are situations where it just will not work. In those cases the use of divorce coaching will leave you prepared.