Teach your Children Well through Mediation

Posted on September 8, 2015 in Blog

Teach your Children Well through Mediation

As the famous pop song would have it, teaching your children well is critical.

Words that reflect the benefits of mediation and the overall effect that it has upon children. The respect and dignity that you show each other during the process reflects upon your children and their emotional reaction to the transition in their family. Many families go through divorce and children talk about it among themselves and in school. How the two of you handle yourselves as a unit will have a tremendous effect on the children.

The object is to teach your children that differences can be bridged by cooperating; a war over issues that can be resolved will set a poor example. Do not allow the process to take over all aspects of your family and its daily life. Remain in control of decisions that will affect your family for years to come. The adversarial process, once started becomes has the effect of a snowball rolling down a snow covered mountain; it indiscriminately picks up additional snow along the way and the speed with which it travels becomes unstoppable.

Do not let the process traumatize you and your children.


Photo credit: Parent/child relationship by ☺ Lee J Haywood, on Flickr

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